Avoid These Winter Season Skin Care Mistakes

The winter season in South Korea can be harsh. It is unexpectedly unforgiving that many visitors stumble upon this surprise when they first land in South Korea during winter. While the country is famous for its food, fashion, cosmetics, culture, and attractions, not many people know of the unique weather in the country during winter. Some Russians who visit the country even say that winter in South Korea is colder than how it is in Moscow and St. Petersburg. It is surprising, especially that we do not know much about South Korean winter.

Harsh cold weather can take toll on your skinWhen you go around South Korea, you will quickly notice that people’s fashion choices do not seem to coincide with how cold the weather is. Despite the strong winds and negative temperatures, many men and women choose to wear skinny jeans, canvass shoes, and short skirts. It is in big contrast with what you are wearing, which most probably looks like you are going to a ski resort.

As you can already tell, many South Koreans are fashionable, and they are willing to sacrifice convenience for the sake of beauty. If you visit any Scandinavian country, you will get surprised with how people take winter seriously. They wear thick coats, pants, scarves, bonnets, and winter shoes. Looking at the fashion choice, it is evident that the dress-up is for the winter season. However, when you compare this look to how South Koreans dress up for winter, you will end up being unsure whether it indeed is the winter season or not.

South Korea is not only famous for its fashion choices, but also for its beauty innovations. Its wealth of winter-friendly products is no exception. However, when products are misapplied, or when the wrong products are used, you may end up suffering the effects of not having enough protection during winter. Getting the right K-Beauty skin care routine products for your skin type and lifestyle is crucial, so you get to maximize the protection that these cosmetics will bring.

We already know that a moisturizer is a valuable product to use during winter because it protects your skin from the harm of the sun, strong winds, and pollution. However, there are hundreds of moisturizers to choose from and choosing one that does not fit you can be damaging to your skin.

What are the top skin care mistakes you must avoid during winter? Here are some of them:

Ten Step Routine for Great Skin1. Not using a cream-based moisturizer

While a gel-based moisturizer feels more “natural” and it does not feel as heavy, you need a cream-based moisturizer during the winter season. It is because your skin needs extra moisture this season, and if you use a gel-based one, you will end up drying your skin. A gel-based moisturizer allows your skin to breathe; while a cream-based one gives your skin protection.

Choose a moisturizer that is specially designed for the winter season. It may feel heavy, but you will need that extra strength during those gushes of cold wind that are typical of South Korean winter.

2. Forgoing the need of a sunscreen

You may think that since it is dark and cloudy, you do not need to put on sunscreen. Wrong. It may appear gloomy, but the sun’s ultraviolet rays can still seep through the ozone layer and get to Earth. And since during winter you love to bask in the sun whenever it is out, you subject yourself to sunlight and its UV rays. Therefore, sunscreen is still a crucial component of your beauty routine during the winter season.

If a cream-based sunscreen feels heavy, you may opt to go for the sprayer kind. This type of sunscreen allows your skin to breathe without you having to put on an extra layer of cream on your face.

The winter season must not deter you from getting that rosy and supple glow that you’ve tried hard to achieve all year round. Avoid these mistakes, and you will get through South Korean’s harsh and unforgiving winter.