NATEXPO-2015: How Industry is Moving Forward in the Difficult Times

This year two events coincided: the international exhibition of professional equipment and technologies for TV, radio, Internet broadcasting «NATEXPO» conference and exhibition of equipment and technologies for film «MCA Expo». And exposure they had actually shared. We asked participants to answer three questions:

1. Preliminary results: the company spent in 2015? Successes / destruction, achievements / deficiencies.

2. The most promising areas of development in your market segment?

3. Does viable policy of import substitution in the Russian broadcasting industry, how do you see the implementation of such a program?

Antti Laurila, CEO, Qualitron group:

1. Results: In spite of the difficult economic and political situation in the Russian market, we remain on it. To our regret, this year we didn’t had any large-scale projects in Russia, which we could be proud of. But we worked on small projects and continue to support our existing customers. This situation has prompted us to search for new solutions, that we have found few from a software industry, for example, the company File Catalyst, which significantly speeds up your media files.

2. Prospects: Our industry is rapidly moving towards information technology. Of course, cameras and microphones will remain, but then everything will be more or less IT-based. Possibilities of virtual studios and augmented reality are truly limitless.

3. On import substitution: Qualitron has been in the Russian market more than 25 years and we have no intention to back up even times are now difficult. Both EU sanctions and Russian import substitution schema are harmful for business. As a system integration company, we don’t have problem with the import substitution because we can and have work with Russian manufacturers. I think it is even vice versa because for Russian manufacturers it could be very beneficial to work with Qualitron because we can be their gateway to European market. And we already have used some Russian products in our projects in Europe.

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