Evaluating the Worth of Netflix Streaming Service

We have been subscribers to Netflix for over five years now and can honestly say that we have never had a service where we felt we got so much for our money.

In the beginning, we signed up for the option where you receive just one movie at a time. This for us was just to try it out. We dutifully went online to our queue and picked out titles that we liked and sat back and waited for the entertainment fun to begin. It didn’t take long. Within a matter of days we had our first red and white envelope in our mailbox and gladly sat down and watched a movie that we didn’t have to go to the video store to rent. It was marvelous.

Netflix has a lot of viewing options where ever and whenever you wantCable vs. Netflix

It was so marvelous in fact that we soon upped the number of titles we could have at home at one time. This was because we are apparently not the typical Neilsen family who can find something they want to watch on cable nearly any night of the week. For us, staring numbly at the screen as we pathetically ran through the hundred or so channels offered became more than we could bear. So, we found ourselves finding other things to do than watch television.

Then, I had to have surgery, which left me flat on my back for nearly two months. I can honestly say were it not for Netflix, that time would have been far worse. It was during this time that Netflix began offering some of their movies online, which was perfect for me as we had wireless Internet service and a very nice large screen laptop. I watched videos and old television shows and documentaries and anything else that suited my fancy. It was a pleasure to have the movies coming in the mail as well because those we watched together.

Basic Service

Unfortunately, not long after that we experienced a sudden downturn in our income, so one of the things we downgraded was Netflix; back to just one title at a time. It as a sad day, but not so when we discovered we could still watch as many titles online as we wanted. So, that’s what we did after we had the cable downgraded to just basic service.

We’ve kept our service at one title at a time ever since, even though our fortunes have improved. This is because we now also have this cute little netbook which fits snugly on the lap and is quite lovely for sitting around eating popcorn and watching movies together with our knees banging.

All in all, we have no complaints with Netflix. They’ve delivered on everything they’ve promised and continually strive to improve their services through modifications to their suggestions. I’d heartily recommend them to anyone who likes watching movies.