Habits That Reduce the Effectivity of Acupuncture

Acupuncture is one of the most effective ways to achieve optimal health. Chinese medicine has long been known to find treatment in the most holistic way possible, and so, acupuncture is a part-and-parcel of this healing tradition. Acupuncture is not only famous in mainland China, but also in all of Asia and the rest of the world.

The YinOva Center acupuncture in New York, for example, is one of the many acupuncture clinics established outside China. It is a reflection of the demand, given that many people are looking for ways to improve their conditions. Now a popular healing method around the world, there are many good reasons as to why traditional Chinese medicine has pulled an enormous following.

Acupuncture is now a popular alternative medicine recognized around the worldAcupuncture as used to treat ailments

Acupuncture is used as a treatment for many ailments, including hypertension, endocrine disorders, lung disorders, circulatory problems, cardiac problems, diabetes, allergies, and many other diseases. It is like a wonder drug that helps you heal without negative consequences. It is because treatment is done holistically, meaning, the chemical makeup of the body is not intervened with. Instead, pressure points are “woken up” to allow the body to achieve healing with other body parts’ healing, too.

Acupuncture as a holistic treatment

The good thing about this treatment is your immune system is not suppressed to take in these changes. Your body is, in fact, allowed to grow and heal on its own, with a little help from your body’s pressure points. You don’t have to drink pills, tablets, or solutions to help you heal; instead, your body becomes your defense against harmful elements. The immune system is boosted to allow the body to fight off against disease, virus, and infection.

The thing with any holistic treatment, like acupuncture, is that it takes time for the body to absorb its effects. It is because nothing is forced, and the body and its parts are allowed to heal in its own time and space. It is a great way to have a better health condition because the root problem is treated; not only the symptoms. Addressing the root problem takes time to do, that is why acupuncture is not to be considered as a Band-Aid solution. You may even experience the symptoms for a long time still before full healing takes place. But what’s great with acupuncture is when you achieve complete healing, there is no going back.

How acupuncture “fails” to work

While with some people acupuncture does wonder to their bodies, others complain that the treatment does not work for them. Although the latter is a minority, you are still left to question as to why that happens considering that many people are swearing by its amazing effects.

Acupuncture, as mentioned, is a holistic treatment. Therefore, you must combine it with a healthy lifestyle to make it work. Do not think that it is like a wonder drug wherein you can eat whatever you want. Being a couch potato all you want, and still receive the benefits of the treatment. You may receive the benefits, but these are not as noticeable compared to when you pair it up with a healthy diet and exercise regimen.

Along with lifestyle, there are also habits that reduce the effectivity of acupuncture. Here are some habits that are derailing your success with the treatment:

1. Eating a big meal before the treatment

Eating a big meal before acupuncture treatment is a big no-no. Because doing so blocks off the proper circulation in your body. Since pressure points are used to help you heal, these points won’t work as well. If your body’s energy is shifted towards digesting the big meal that you have just taken in. The flow of energy within your body is shifted to other needs, and so, treatment may not work out as efficiently as expected.

2. Eating sugar after the treatment

After acupuncture treatment, you may end up feeling tired and drowsy. If you have to drive back home from the clinic, you may crave for sugar to help you shoot up your feeling. Unfortunately, sugar is not the best after-treatment food to eat since it inhibits your body’s response to treatment. So, when your body is going through healing and growth, you need to make sure that you are supporting it, too.

If you need a perk-me-up, drink tea instead after treatment. Tea will allow your body to receive the nourishment it needs without overriding the effects of your treatment. It will also help your body relax as your system is going through the changes. It is quite stressful for the body for these pressure points to be mediated, so you need to give yourself all the rest you need.

Eating a big meal before and eating sugar after treatment are two habits that will reduce the effectivity of acupuncture. Avoid these habits, so you can thoroughly enjoy the benefits of acupuncture.