Mistakes Singers Make for their Voice Training

Warming up before doing your singing training or performance is such an essential aspect of any singer’s routine. Many amateur singers succumb to injury early in their careers because of overexertion and lack of a proper warm-up routine. Injury can easily crash any aspiring professional singer’s dream.

Singing for fun and singing semi or full professionally are two different things. For the former, you can sing without much thought in front of your family and friends, or belt your favorite songs on the karaoke. If you are the singer of the group, you might even be invited to sing for events such as your best friend’s wedding. Singing for fun binds people together and can help increase your self-confidence.

All amateur and professional singers start with singing for fun before they decide to do it into a career. Professional singing is far different from singing for fun because with the former. You are bound by a set of stringent rules. You cannot eat anything you want, and you cannot sleep late and go on drink sprees with your friends. These habits can cause your voice to deteriorate, so if you’re going to sing professionally, you must be ready to commit. Commitment must not only be for training, but for your lifestyle as well.

To thrive in the singing industry, you must have discipline. You cannot just blindly go with whatever you think is right and then be sorry for the after-effects. There are differences between amateur and professional singers, and the biggest of these is the latter’s rules that they must abide by. They also have a feel of what are the right things to do when it comes to voice training.

What are some of the mistakes amateur singers make when it comes to training? Here are some of them:

1. Sleeping and waking up late

Your sleep-wake cycle has a significant effect on your voice. The more out of tune it is with the natural rhythm of the day, the more that your voice and health are compromised. That is why, sleeping late or after 11 PM, and waking up late after sunrise can throw off your good vocals. One Friday night of partying can easily cause harm to your voice, so don’t be surprised if you wake up with a hoarse and croaking voice.

If you want to be successful with your singing career, have the discipline to make sure you always sleep and wake up early.

The dream of being a professional singer needs discipline2. Eating off-limits food

Dairy, sugar, oil, and cold foods are the biggest fiends of singers. These can harm your voice and make it lose its full strength since your body has to compensate for the extra energy needed to digest these foods. Opt for foods within the “safe” list, and that includes warm, steamed, boiled, raw, and grilled foods. There are so many ways by which you can enjoy desserts without having to resort to ice cream and cakes.

3. Not warming up enough

Not warming up enough before your training or performance is the biggest mistake many amateur singers make. Warming-up is crucial, and its importance cannot be stressed enough, even if you schedule singing & voice lessons. If you don’t warm up, you get prone to injury and can cause your voice to deteriorate in the long run. You may even hurt your vocal chords during a performance, so make sure you give ample time to warm up your voice before hitting notes.

These are some of the mistakes singers make when it comes to their training. These are easily avoidable if you make yourself consciously aware of the things you must do to maintain the strength of your voice.

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