The Ugly Truth about Reality TV

Reality TV concepts need not be cringe-worthyThe term “Reality TV” is in itself a misleading title. In “reality” the whole genre should be classified as “Staged Reality” as the scripting of performance for these untalented, ordinary people is an insult to reality as we know it. The result has allowed the networks to produce copious amounts of meaningless drivel at little or no cost while appealing to the pitiful “rubberneck” mentality of today’s masses.

How often have you been driving down the freeway, suddenly get stuck in traffic? And upon proceeding to find that the only reason for the standstill was everyone slowing down to stare at a horrendous wreck that occurred on the other side of the freeway. This is what the reality TV producers thrive on. Never in history has such a mass of untalented people been considered worthy of being classified as entertainment. Never has there been such widespread availability of communication media been available to so many that have nothing worth saying.

It is not so long ago that we had a version of reality television that was available to the public. It was called “The News”. Even this form of communication has been corrupted beyond recognition as the scripting and sensationalizing of world events has descended into the depths of entertainment, and fallen under the hammer of the rating companies.

It is high time that entertainment regains its status as a skilled career choice and that the mundane and ridiculous antics of the average person be relegated back to home movies and karaoke bars. Not everyone deserves the right to be famous. This is an accolade that should only be earned by the deserving and the talented.